Kenny The Head Gardener's Blog

Kenny The Head Gardener's Blog

Welcome to the very first blog of what will hopefully be a monthly, informative way of keeping one and all updated with the workings of Kinross House Gardens and the wider estate.

My name is Kenny Stewart, Head Gardener for the estate since January 1997, when I came to work for Jamie and Lizzie Montgomery, and had the great pleasure of serving them until the sale of Kinross House in March 2011.

At this point I was very lucky and delighted to be allowed the opportunity to stay in my position and my employment was continued with Mr Donald Fothergill, whom had a much focussed vision of what he wanted for the gardens at Kinross House.

This, simply put, was that Mr Fothergill wished to recreate the plan and vision for the garden that Sir William Bruce himself had. I was therefore very fortunate to be in the enviable position of being the Head Gardener to help deliver that wish for Mr Fothergill.

Over the coming weeks and months, I hope to be able to tell you that story, of some of the people that were involved, about the good days and the bad days, and how we achieved a remarkable transformation within that 18 month period whilst retaining historically important focal points such as the spiral yews(pictured below).

The aim will also be to help keep one and all updated with what we are up to in the garden, at any given time of year, the work and any development plans we have for the following months, plants of interest, such as the gloriously wonderful Romneya coulteri (pictured above, right), or the many separate forms of nature within the estate itself,and with a few pictures as above  thrown in for good measure, randomly taken by me on my daily walks around to help explain what we are up to.

I very much hope that you enjoy your journey with me through the garden year!

With kind regards



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