A Vision For The Gardens

Sir William Bruce’s masterplan for the estate was committed to paper in 1685. When Mr Donald Fothergill bought the estate back in 2011, he had a vision to restore the gardens back to Bruce’s original plans.

He was inspired by the structure and grace of the original Bruce design, reintroducing a level of geometric order to the landscape while allowing the present day drama of space, sky and horizon to retain its impact.

Lost axes have been defined once again, existing lines have been sharpened with major new plantings and the creation of new contemporary garden parterres plus we have reintroduced the noble craft of orchard fruit cultivation. A working walled kitchen garden has also been built created alongside The Coach House.  

Meet our Head Gardener

We have been incredibly fortunate to have had our Head Gardener, Kenny Stewart with us for some 20 years now, on hand to oversee the full restoration of our glorious gardens, walled garden and orchard with great passion and care. If you have some keen gardeners amongst your group, Kenny will be delighted to give you a guided tour. For Kenny’s most recent blog, click here.