Sunrise, Snowdrops and Snow
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Sunrise, Snowdrops and Snow

7th March 2022


Interesting Weather!

It has been a challenging month for us here on the Kinross House Estate. It began with some spectacular sunrises, which in part beautifully highlighted the masses of flowering snowdrops, throughout the woodland areas and pathways, basking in the dappled sunlight breaking through the tree lines which surround and encompass the formal gardens and house.

Then, as Scottish weather often does, we were hit with some extreme spells of windy, snowy, and very wet weather, which has sadly led to some casualties of the tree populations. Therefore, we have been busy this month, utilizing fallen timber to create woodland stacks, which in turn becomes home and then encourages a very wide range of wonderful biodiversity to use and thrive on for many years to come. This is all part of the promotion of nature in its purest forms to aid the health and wellbeing of our wooded areas, which have always been such an integral part of the Estate. 

Seed Sowing and Small Plant Raising!

Of course, we still have to prepare for the advent of Spring which is very nearly upon us, and we normally begin with seed sowing our sweet peas, which I am delighted to report are now all popping through in their pots in the glasshouse. The Surfinia Petunias, Pelargoniums, and Helichrysums are well established now as well. As these flourish and develop, we will utilize them for further cuttings, to create a mass of bedding plants for the summer displays around the Coach House Courtyard.

New Website!

Very excitingly, we have our new website launching this week also, and having had a wee sneaky peek at the garden side of things, it looks really great. A lot of very hard work has gone into this and I encourage you all to visit and enjoy the site, enjoy the insights of the House, the Coach House and Spa, the gardens and indeed the wider Estate as a whole, as well as everything that we have to offer.

I have added a few pictures to this months blog, courtesy of Seb and Graeme, all taken during February to explain the diverse weather we have enjoyed this month.

Before I Go!

We are on the lookout for a new Trainee Gardener to join our team. This will be a permanent role following a successful trial period. If you know someone whom is hard working, loves the outdoors, unfazed by rain, wind, snow, or the occasional glimpse of sun and has a passion for horticulture, please get in touch. We would love to be able to help the next person grow and flourish into a horticultural career with us in a fantastic garden and estate!

Happy Gardening!

- Kenny