And then it was Autumn!

And then it was Autumn!

Head Gardeners Notes for August and September 2018.

Busy Busy Busy Days!

What an incredibly busy few months it has been for us all. Having had some wonderful families join us to celebrate their celebrations on the estate with us has meant of course a huge amount of work,  and some incredible marquee structures being built within the gardens, but it allows us to work with some of the most creative people, from which you can only marvel and learn. Some of the floristry craft has been simply breath-taking (please check out the estate Instagram and Facebook pages).

Photo from the early stages of construction - a week of building to produce show stoppers! From lovely garden themed marquees to spectacular nightclub themes - we can create them all! 


This also brings with it of course a lot of work to ensure the garden returns to its very best as soon as possible, and I am blessed to have a very hard working and dedicated team to help in this task.

We do however say a temporary ta-ta to our gardener Graeme, whom is away to learn and grow at Horticultural College for two years, before hopefully returning and teaching us all lots of new tricks! A few wee gifts for college!


And it was so lovely to have a piece written about the restoration of the garden in the Country Life magazine August 22nd edition! Catch it if you can - wonderful article!                                            


And then it was autumn!

And then all of a sudden, we find ourselves in early autumn. Already we can see the colours changing in our wonderful deciduous backdrop of trees, and the autumnal colour hues within the garden plantings are coming more to the fore, and it reminds me that we are now changing from our Summer maintenance programmes of works, to the autumnal tasks that we work away at before the colder months are upon us.


September is traditionally when we tackle our hedges, with the hedges being active in growth enough to seal their cut wounds, but with the weather being cool enough to discourage any further growth for this year, this will take us through into October. This should leave us with crisply cut lines on the hedges to accentuate and enhance the structural dimension that they add to the garden and, to replace the fading colours of the borders.

Topical Tip of The Month

If you cut your hedges with a traditional pair of shears (as we do for our topiary), keep a bucket of water and an old rag in close proximity. When the sap builds up on the blade, just dip the shears in the water for a couple of seconds and wipe away all that sap. No chemicals, no damage to your hedges and a clean pair of shears to boot! The old shears in a bucket of water trick!


Happy Gardening!





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