It's mid-November already!

It's mid-November already!

November Already!

It is incredible to think that I have already been writing this blog for a complete year! What a shot below taken of the Loch Leven geese as they head off to warmer climates. 

As we return to November on the estate, we have come full circle to find ourselves once again clearing leaves, pruning wall shrubs and roses, and beginning the mammoth task of clearing some 6000 square metres of herbaceous borders by hand.

The fruits have been picked and most of the vegetables have now been harvested, to allow us to clean, clear and feed the ground over the winter months before spring heads around again. Dahlias have been blackened by frosts and await lifting, before checking and storing.




Late Autumn is a lovely time of year here at Kinross. The changing leaf colours provide a beautiful framework for our gardens and provides some wonderful sights as the setting suns break through the trees as they shed their leaves and give rise to some of the fantastic colour hues which the borders provide as they prepare for winter.

Not only that, but we are truly blessed to live in such a lovely part of the world and get to enjoy some spectacular sunsets, such as this one captured by our very own Maintenance Manager, Gary.


Harvest Time!

A good harvest was reaped from our newly planted fruit trees this year, and Mr Fothergill set a new challenge for the Gardens Team. To produce and supply our very own Kinross House Cider. A new press was ordered and a challenge from Mr Fothergill to make 50 litres was accepted. Imagine our delight when we managed 160 litres, although there were also some apples also sent from Yorkshire, it has to be said.

I also have to say, it is not unpleasant! And I still have 120 litres sitting under my desk J! Now..... where did I put that extra long straw!


Scotland On Sunday!

For those of you who are able to get it, look out for us in the 9th December edition of Scotland on Sunday. A piece written by the very lovely Antoinette Galbraith and some fantastic pictures by the extremely talented Ray Cox! Below is a previous photo taken by Ray for us  - a cracking photo!

Happy Gardening!


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