My Favourite Gardening Month is May

My Favourite Gardening Month is May

Head Gardeners Notes for May 2018.

 My Favourite Month!

By far and away, my favourite month of the calendar year is May.

Having escaped the cold and biting winds of winter, and seeing the trees burst back into life with their vibrant fresh colours of green, and watching all of the plants appearing as if from nowhere, just fills the heart with optimism for the season ahead. You simply cannot beat the smells of Spring, of freshly mown grass, and watching the colours abundantly appearing on early flowering shrubs such as our Rhododendrons and Clematis, or the joy of simple flowers on the fruit trees which are settling nicely in their new orchard home. It really does remind you why you became a gardener!

And what about this spell of weather. Wow. Is it actually Scotland? Glorious sunshine and great weather to be pushing a hoe through the borders and getting rid of all those pesky weeds with minimal effort.

Bedding Display

This weekend will also see a mass exodus from the glasshouse of our Coach House bedding displays making my watering duties ever so slightly easier thankfully. This year we have some 40 or so containers for dressing around the courtyard for the pleasure of house visitors and Spa guests alike. Hopefully you might treat yourself to a Spa day and come and admire them!



Topical Gardening Tip

Now that the Spring bulbs have pretty much finished flowering, a topical tip is to ensure that the foliage is allowed to die down naturally. Don’t tie in neat wee bundles as my old mum used to do. Once bulbs have finished flowering they, on average use the next six weeks making energy for the bulb through those leaves. This makes for a stronger bulb for next year. Once they brown , they can be very easily removed and composted.

Enjoy the sunshine!


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