The long winter months.. garden life!

The long winter months.. garden life!

Firstly may I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

One of the most commonly asked questions asked of me is what do you and your team do in the winter months?

The truth is that we are just as busy! Winter provides us the opportunity to get a lot of jobs finished and tidied, prior to us beginning the process all over again come March. The last of the leaves are lifted and stacked in leaf mold piles, woodland areas are cleared of fallen branch debris, utilising the larger timber for firewood to be cut, stacked and seasoned for use in Kinross House and the Coach House, and some of the smaller branches stacked within the woodland to create habitats for and to support the woodland populations.

It is most heartening to see the red squirrel population growing in numbers on the estate and it is common place now to be working alongside these little fellow natives. The little guy pictured was one of the first to be seen around our new orchard, created last year, and imaginatively called ‘little red’ by yours truly.

We have also been very fortunate this month to have a lovely piece written about the garden and estate in The English Garden magazine this month (January 18 edition). This shows the garden in Autumn and tells the story of how Mr Fothergill came to purchase the estate and what inspired him to recreate the gardens back to Sir William Bruce's original plan for the gardens, whilst introducing a contemporary planting plan within the new parterres, inspired by the plantings that Mr Fothergill had first seen at Scampston Hall  Estate in Yorkshire. Hopefully you might pick up a copy and find out a little more of our story.

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